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Conservatory Electric Underfloor Heating

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Conservatory electric underfloor heating from Speedheat will keep your conservatory warm even in the coldest months of the year.

Making the most of your conservatory means being able to enjoy it all year round. But when outside temperatures drop, how do you keep warm and cosy behind all that glass without racking up the heating bills and with nothing to spoil the view?

Your staff, service and information have been excellent, and I can't wait to get the rest of the house done. Mary Barber

This is where a Speedheat conservatory electric underfloor heating installation comes in. There is nothing to see – no ugly radiators or storage heaters, no misted-up glass – just the beauty of the changing seasons outside.

It is quick to install with minimum disruption either in an existing conservatory or as it is being built. It runs independently so will not interfere with existing heating in the rest of your home.  The programmable thermostatic controls  and quick warm up time, provide warmth only when and where you need it helping control your underfloor heating cost.


Conservatory Electric Underfloor Heating A hand built, green oak conservatory with views across a lake added a fantastic finishing touch to the major renovation of a Georgian farmhouse in Bedfordshire. Speedheat conservatory electric underfloor heating was installed throughout the house, including under the tile floor of the 23 sq metre raised balcony style sun lounge, enabling the homeowners to revel in the view whatever the weather.