Electric Underfloor Heating Installation

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Custom Designed Electric Underfloor Heating

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Speedheat custom designed electric underfloor heating is the ideal choice for your home or business and the perfect partner under any flooring finish.

Once we experienced warm stone floors we asked Speedheat to install the system in our bedrooms and bathrooms as well!Mark Burley

Our professional engineers know just how much heat you need and where for optimum comfort. They work with you to create a custom designed electric underfloor heating installation that is right for you.

Speedheat uses energy only when and where you need it. Because it is extremely thin, just 1.5mm thick, and installed directly under the floor covering, you will feel the comfortable radiant heat within 20 minutes – far less time than old fashioned underfloor heating systems. This great benefit contributes to an overall low underfloor heating cost.

With our sophisticated programmable thermostats, the system adapts itself to your lifestyle, so you only heat the area that you want heated at the selected times.

Suitable for new build, refurbishment, renovation, conservatories, extensions, workshops or individual rooms in homes and businesses, contact us to discover how Speedheat custom designed electric underfloor heating can improve your comfort.