Electric Underfloor Heating Installation

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Commercial Electric Underfloor Heating

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commercial electric underfloor heatingA Speedheat commercial electric underfloor heating installation is suitable as a primary or secondary heat source in many commercial applications including shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, leisure centres, hospitals, care homes, galleries and exhibition areas – all places where space is at a premium and comfortable, controlled heat is required.

The commercial electric underfloor heating system offers comfort, control, efficiency and economy. Thermostats can be programmed for daily or weekly operation plus special settings for weekends, a party boost and a holiday setting. The optimum start facility automatically determines the time when the heating process must begin in order to reach the required room temperature within the set time. This versatility coupled with a quick warm up time help control your underfloor heating cost.

The level of customer care before, during and after installation is as comforting as the warmth generated by the system itselfRoger Allen

Speedheat UK Ltd offers a complete design, supply and installation service supported by a full 10-year warranty and a full aftercare service package for your commercial electric underfloor heating installation.