Electric Underfloor Heating Installation

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Electric Underfloor Heating Around the Home

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Speedheat’s state-of-the-art electric underfloor heating is so flexible it can be applied in just about any room or area.

ElectricUnderfloor Heating in the Bedroom

Whether you’re renovating or redesigning, extending, putting up a new building or extension or simply looking for an efficient way of heating one room, Speedheat has a custom built electric underfloor heating solution for every area.

Speedheat's systems can heat one or a number of rooms or your entire home. They can also be installed in new extensions or conservatories to add to your existing heating arrangements.

Speedheat electric underfloor heating installations are better by design, providing complete solutions without boilers, fans or radiators and giving you total creative freedom in décor and furniture arrangement.

Electric Underfloor Heating In the Living Room

ElectricUnderfloor Heating in the Living Room

Make ugly radiators a thing of the past and see your home transformed. A Speedheat electric underfloor heating installation represents total heating freedom and the design is so smart you can't even see it.

Invisible, apart from the small thermostat, the Speedheat electric underfloor heating system can be installed under wood, tiles, stone or carpet to provide warmth in a comfortable, controlled way – leaving you cosy and free to plan your space the way you want to.

The innovative programmable thermostat ensures that your living room is only heated at the times you want.

Electric Underfloor Heating In the Bathroom

ElectricUnderfloor Heating in the Bathroom

Immerse yourself in luxury and relax in a bathroom for all seasons. Speedheat floor and tile electric underfloor heating solutions create the perfect bath time environment.

It has a full earth screen and is connected via an earth leakage circuit breaker (RCD), which makes it absolutely safe in wet areas such as bathrooms, utility rooms and wet rooms of any size.

It can also be installed behind the wall and we even have a solution to heat the mirror to prevent condensation.

Electric Underfloor Heating In the Kitchen

ElectricUnderfloor Heating in the Kitchen

Add the ingredient of a warm floor with Speedheat electric underfloor heating and your kitchen will truly become the cosy heart of your home.

The system avoids your kitchen units to only heat the areas you need, so we can design your heating to suit your kitchen and lifestyle.

A Speedheat electric underfloor heating installation provides an ideal form of heating for stone, tile, wood and vinyl flooring, it is fully waterproof and is covered by a second layer of DuPont Tefzel, so you have no worries about accidental spillages. The system is perfectly safe even if the washing machine or dishwasher floods!

Just think - a kitchen with no more cold spots and where walking in bare feet on a cold winter’s morning is just a joy!

Electric Underfloor Heating In The Conservatory

ElectricUnderfloor Heating in the Conservatory

Making the most of a conservatory means being able to enjoy it all year round. But when outside temperatures drop, how do you keep warm and cosy behind all that glass without racking up the heating bills and with nothing to spoil the view?

Electric underfloor heating from Speedheat will keep your conservatory warm even in the coldest months of the year. There is nothing to see – no ugly radiators or storage heaters, no misted-up glass – just the beauty of the changing seasons outside.

We will calculate what is required to keep your conservatory comfortable every day of the year.

Electric Underfloor Heating In the Study or Workshop

ElectricUnderfloor Heating in the Study or Workshop

Speedheat has a custom made, durable electric underfloor heating solution for the home office, study or workshop.

Working or studying at a desk or standing over your workbench can mean spending a lot of time keeping still. Electric underfloor heating is ideal as the heat generated creates no draughts and provides an even comfortable temperature to help you concentrate.

The innovative thermostat, coupled with a quick warm-up time, also means that you don’t need to heat the office or workshop when you’re not there, saving on your underfloor heating cost.