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Smart Electric Underfloor Heating Solution

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smart electric underfloor heating solution

What do we mean by a smart electric underfloor heating solution?

Simply, the beauty of the Speedheat technology and installation lies in its faster heating combined with a smarter control system that saves an appreciable amount of energy without reducing your comfort levels.  This minimises your underfloor heating cost.

Unlike other forms of underfloor heating that involve pipes buried in the concrete floor slab and carrying hot water pumped from a boiler, the patented Speedheat system comprises a thin ‘mat’ of the 1.5mm deep element laid directly below the vinyl, wood, stone or tile floor finish and connected to the main electricity supply.

This smart electric underfloor heating installation means that a lengthy wait to warm up is a thing of the past, because the heat does not have to work its way through the concrete slab first before it even reaches your feet. With Speedheat, energy begins to convert into cosiness straight away.

For solid, wood or vinyl floors the Speedheat element is laid in an ultra-thin layer of special protective screed, preferably with insulation underneath to maximise the energy efficiency. Above that is a protective mesh. Above that is your beautiful flooring. And that’s all there is to your smart electric underfloor heating solution!

We were very pleased to be able to have Christmas dinner in our new conservatory. We are over the moon with underfloor heating Amanda Curtis

The carpet heater is foil backed for extra protection and is laid between the underlay and carpet.

Our expert heating advisers will inspect and advise on the way the total floor has to be built up, which guarantees the best sub-floor for any flooring type.

At the very most, the floor level will only increase by a barely noticeable 3mm-5mm, and with programmable thermostats giving you ultimate control over where and when you run the heating and which rooms, there’s a further saving on energy wasteage.

And if you receive your electricity from a ‘green’ supplier or source, such as wind or solar power, you reduce your carbon footprint even more!  Now isn't that a smart electric underfloor heating solution?