Electric Underfloor Heating Installation

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Speedheat is suitable as a primary or secondary source of heating in many commercial applications such as hotels, restaurants, leisure centres, hospitals, convalescent and nursing homes, galleries and exhibition areas, all places where space is at a premium and controlled heat is required.

Electric floor heating provides a clean, controllable, safe and invisible warmth, making the most of the working, living or leisure environment. Customers, employees, visitors and residents will only notice how comfortable and cosy it feels!

Speedheat puts you in control. The state-of-the-art thermostat allows you to control when and where the heating comes on, with an optimum start facility that automatically determines when the heating process should begin in order to reach the required room temperature within the set time.

We're extremely happy with the system, thank you for your efficiency with the installationAnne Harvey

And because it takes less time to reach that comfortable temperature, it could also make a difference to how much energy you use – helping to save on bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

There is nothing to spoil the view from the spectacular glass atrium of a Shropshire hotel, thanks to clever use of Speedheat electrical underfloor heating.

The heating system for the two-storey atrium in the converted old mill to be invisible because of all the glass and provide uniform warmth from top to bottom without risk of the windows misting up.

Because Speedheat’s unique cable system can be designed to meet individual specifications, engineers were able to create a bespoke primary system that took just one day to install, enabling the tiles to be laid on top the following day.