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Underfloor Heating Cost

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Many people expect the worst when they ask what impact the underfloor heating cost will have on their electricity bills.

This is mainly because they are unfamiliar with the Speedheat electric underfloor heating installation and its many advantages.


Speedheat and underfloor heating cost

The latest thermstats control the underfloor heating costThe Speedheat system lies just beneath the floor finish and on top of insulation and underlay. It is perhaps better described as 'in-floor' heating rather than 'under-floor' heating.

This makes it super-responsive. It heats up in just 20 minutes and is capable of being accurately regulated by its programmable thermostat.

Being installed on insulation or underlay (dependent on the ultimate floor finish) means that the heat doesn't disappear into the subfloor and you feel the full benefit of the energy that is going into the system. The underfloor heating cost is minimised as a result.


Old systems and underfloor heating cost

Compare Speedheat with old fashioned underfloor heating set into a floor slab and it's easy to see where people's pre-conceptions come from.

With the old systems a lot of energy goes into heating the slab before any benefits are felt in the room and response times are very slow. Worse still, if the slab is not properly insulated underneath, heat will be constantly leaking away.

Typically old, wasteful, systems were switched on in the beginning of winter and switched off when the first electricity bill was received!

So you can see that the underfloor heating cost with Speedheat needn't be expensive at all.

A professional Speedheat electric underfloor heating installation will include the insulation and programmable thermostat.

Speedheat supplies various types of insulation which can be retrofitted on top of your existing floor. The type of insulation depends on the available build-up height.

Where build-up height is restricted only the unique Speedheat system with the smallest diameter heater element of any system (just 1.2mm!) allows you to maximise the thickness of insulation. This is a vital consideration when seeking to minimise the underfloor heating cost.

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Footnote on underfloor heating cost

Nowadays more and more electricity is generated by means of wind, solar and water power. Nothing is greener than running an efficient floor heating on electricity which is generated in a sustainable manner.